Chemical Treatments Finishing & Rinsing Coating Lines Chemical Treatments Finishing & Rinsing Coating Lines

In order to ensure the durability of the metal and to create a long-term protective shell against a corrosive atmosphere and to prevent oxidation and corrosion (corrosion), processes of chemical rinsing and chemical coatings are required.

G.B Group Ltd Engineering Division specializes in engineering design, import, assembly and implementation of the process at the customer’s home. With the help of collaborations with the largest manufacturers in the world, as well as experience of over a decade – we are able to produce finish lines, coatings and rinses at any scale, in fully automatic configurations and without human hand intervention.

G.B Group Ltd provides its customers with decades of experience and knowledge in all types of metal coatings, such as zinc, cobalt zinc, iron zinc, cadmium, silver, gold, rhodium, platinum, palladium, nickel, nickel palladium, nickel electrolyte, copper, passivation, chemical conversion. , Tin, lead tin and more.

We have a variety of solutions and systems for the various surface treatment processes, such as cleaning and etching for aluminum, preparation for painting, passivation, zinc coating, phosphate and more.

We are proud to accompany our customers from the planning stage to the delivery stage to the customer. Thanks to more than a decade of knowledge and experience, we are able to adapt complex solutions as they are, personally and accurately, to the customer’s needs.

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