Controlled Rooms Ventilation & Filtration Controlled Rooms Ventilation & Filtration

In sensitive products and / or processes that require optimal conditions, we offer clean rooms / temperature-controlled rooms; Rooms where you will find advanced air filtration and climate control systems. Rooms are common in a wide range of fields, from the aerospace industry to the pharmaceutical industry.

These rooms have optimal and controlled conditions, while maintaining high levels of cleanliness and preventing the penetration of bacterial colonies and contaminants external to the process. These rooms have complex and advanced air filtration, air conditioning and climate control systems – as well as numerous air exchanges from the work space. Meet the environmental requirements and meet the requirements of the “Clean Air Law” The arrays include advanced climate controls for varying temps including schematic and report views.

These rooms are common in a wide range of areas: aerospace, heavy industry, pharmaceuticals and microelectronics.

image project - Clean Rooms
image project - Clean Rooms
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