Powder Coating/Wet Paint Coating lines Powder Coating/Wet Paint Coating lines

Many products require a process of protection coating of various types, in relativity and a requirement for high levels of accuracy. The main purpose of the coating is long-term durability and prevention of vulnerabilities such as corrosion and corrosion to the surface of the element, as well as ensuring its mechanical strength.

The work of the material coating requires operator skill and uncompromising paint quality, as well as its protection by cumbersome means from hazardous chemicals. C. Engineering Division. Berkowitz specializes in introducing the process and automatic work regime, as well as changing existing working methods – in order to increase the customer’s production output.

Thanks to years of experience, as well as working with the leaders in the field, we know how to design, manufacture and import on demand all types of systems: from painting rooms to fully automated rooms that include robots. All of our systems meet all the requirements and standards while maintaining a work environment, environmental requirements and maintaining employee health.

Machines for the treatment and preparation of metal surfaces:
image project - Automatic Wet Painting Line
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