Customized Solutions to Complex Problems

The engineering division of G. Berkovich specializes in executing complex engineering projects for over 15 years in the domains of coating and finishing surfaces, setting up production lines, and developing machines and systems with full automation and\or robotic control. 

Having over 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing machines, working in Turnkey Solutions Module, and cooperating with world-class specialists, the engineering division of G. Berkovich will design, produce, and build the optimal technological solution for you.

We are proud to provide our customers with an engineering solutions tailored for their different requirements, starting from the early stages of the project, in which SDR\ PDR\ CDR are included, while meticulously keeping the schedule set by the customer. 

Thanks to our wide range of world-class specialists, we know how to design, refresh, and implement your workplace effectively and efficiently.

G. Berkovich Group Import and Trade Ltd.
The engineering division of G. Berkovich is part of G. B Group Ltd.: a company specializes in providing solutions and products for coating and finishing any surface for over 15 years
G. B Group Ltd. comprises of three main divisions which provide complementary solutions:
Engineering Projects Division

Engineering design and manufacture of automatic machines

Importing Machinery and Equipment Division

For making space preparations and industrial finishing


Industrial Projects Division

Corrosion protections, surface preparations and special coatings


With over 15 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing machines, and specialty in executing complex engineering projects with coating and finishing surfaces, G. Berkovich is proud to provide its customers with fully customized engineering support.
Among our clients:
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