Blasting Cleaning Systems Blasting Cleaning Systems

The main purpose of the coating is the durability of the material over time. Therefore, proper surface preparation largely determines the life of the coating – as well as its mechanical strength.

Surface preparation (sand cleaning) is a necessary initial step that must be performed before any coating or painting of elements made of different materials. This stage is included among the earliest and most important stages for the success of the coating and painting process, with any defect in performance or lack of coverage likely to result in future material disengagement.

Common abrasives and abrasives for this process are aluminum oxide, iron silicate, steel pellets, glass beads and pecans. With the help of these materials, the initial layer of the material is removed – which is sprayed at high speed on the element with the help of high air pressure.

G.B Group Ltd Engineering Division specializes in the construction and production of arrays designed to perform surface preparations, where you can choose between automatic and manual systems that meet, both, all standards and requirements.

Machines for the treatment and preparation of metal surfaces:
image project - Robotic Blasting Cabinet
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